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It all comes from the freezer
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Jolt xmas by Phongo94Xapa Jolt xmas :iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 2 2 Panic! by Phongo94Xapa Panic! :iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 2 2
Its not what we do.
to challenge our troubles.
to  render with love affairs.
to  perceive that within the mind.
to obey society's mannerisms.
For its just not what we do.
We'll yield to superiors.
We'll abandon attraction.
We'll excite the brain with various poisons.
We'll riot till every corner of this hell diffidently bows at our feet.
Because this is war and this is what we do.
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 3 5
SteamGoggles1 by Phongo94Xapa SteamGoggles1 :iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 4 7 SteamBow1 by Phongo94Xapa SteamBow1 :iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 4 2
Life in the Kettle
Life in the Kettle
I can't sit here and lie to you and tell you it will be ok.
When the truth is that a puzzle piece is missing. Your
image like most has it cracks and intersections.
A cross road of misunderstanding s and I can't
promise you'll be the person you've always been.
But I can promise you that as long as
wet tears lay upon your porcelain face and
your eyes bare a foggy wast land.
That I will be here holding your hand, and
all of your worlds existence tight in my grasp.
I'll keep things stable while you take this time to mend
and I'll fight off a thousand sinking suns because
I know its your time to rest, regret,and rethink your sorrows.
And tomorrow may bring little hope and the day after
maybe even less, I'll promise to be here trailing behind you
to wipe away the dirt and mud off your crashing falls.
One day your whimpers will be cheers and your sickness a drive.
And life will no longer be that hassle or haunting.
But I ask you this one thing .
Can you say the same?
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 1 5
A Clock Parts Dysfunction
A Clock Parts Dysfunction
  Sometimes it seems like I can't function.
And gears stop spinning, the ticks stand still.
Then there your are a shiny star always hols
out your hand waiting for my grasp.
  The comfort of you cozy shoulders allow me
to close off and for a second rest from this
cruel assembly line forcing me to go forward.
  Sometimes I wish you'd burn out and
let fuel slide slyly upon your new coat of polish.
But the whistles always call me back because
the greedy consumers urging await
my newest performance. Something fantastic,
progressive,and monopolistic.
sometime in June 2012
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 2 4
Mature content
Artsanity :iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 2 2
The Metronome
The Metronome
If life last an hour.
Would you step down from power?
Would you have pride
for those who hid?
Would you lose all you've been taught?
Would you think you're last thought?
Would you forgive those who have done wrong?
Would you request one last song?
Would you ask for more than that?
Would you set aside your trusty hat?
Would you believe that dreams are true?
Would you understand those with few?
Would question of the test?
to see if your strengthen for the rest .
Would you hold the ones you love
and beg for forgiveness from the one above?
Would you live?
if life last an hour.
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 4 8
  It seems we are happy now that
we have everything, but have we ever
stopped to think about how much people
don't have? Have we ever come to think
of how much we've hurt each other
in this game called life? When we walk
pass that person crying on the street,
have we ever stopped to help them?
  What the world needs now is acceptance.
If we could look at each other and know
that each person has feelings. If we could
see each other hurt and crying , would
we stop to do what we once did to them?
If we start to care about what people feel
instead of what they look like then and  only then
can we be called humans. The actions
of people will change, when we come together
as a whole we can achieve our prosperity
  So when the sun rises, and all people can find happiness
that will be the day humans have World Peace
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 2 6
The Journey
The Journey
Sometime the world can be so cruel
and I had it's share of bitterness.
On this earth there walk people that
hurt you and have no other purpose but to make
you stronger.
Along with the pain providers there are those who bring
you pure bliss. These are your guardians, they will
bring you a great deal pain to make you stronger.
This pain may show it's self as tears upon your face,
thoughts in your mind or scars that lay on your
The path is sleek but it has it's rocky moments.
Moments that can make a difference. So life goes on both ways.
One person can be crying and another laughing. One day it will rain
and the next it is sunny. One flower may die, but a tree will grow.
In the end pain becomes human life.
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 1 1
The darkness is cold.
We are all blind.
But Wait!
There is something......Is that light?
It is hope.
That is all we humans do is hope.
Unlike plants light is not given to us.
We earn our respect.
Are respect for others and ourselves.
Which now means nothing to us.
And we wish?
We wish foe changes.
We wish for answers.
But the changes never happen and the
Questions are never answered.
But we are so blind.
Humans don't see the light.
The light of their true life and they don't know how lucky their
life compared to others.
But each life has a light .
Its up to you to find it.
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 2 1
Red Sun Rising
Red Sun Rising  
Huddled concertedly in the part of the earth that is no longer
secure. Their gaze lay upon me like an unsightly beast.
I toss my hand but they flinched with fear.
Then it came to me.
The thoughts lead me to the gravel.
To the left a gap between us like the span of existence.
To the right a residue from a war already lost.
As the thread of mind unravels the sparks of a present blur.  
I am a monster, A figure trained is a soul and body but not a mind.
I have no concern for this people but it I see it.
I see it all. Her shutter eyelids and tilted he. The child's inability
to move. With his hands weld to his mothers  arms.
"Get Up" the tainted ones yell. So I rip my veins of thought.
Not because it's my duties nor my obligation.
My mind this portion of rotted structure.
Left,Right, and march onward to the red sunsets.
I grace my head with the slight touch of my guns barrel and pull.
The wars ended.
great another one not dated.
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 3 2
An Experience not Sought After
An Experience Not Sought After
In the days of ash and nothingness she paints the world with
Pastel colors. To brush a smile and splatter a hug is the least of her
fulfillment. With the natural instinct of a leader and the touch of
mother nature.
  So why then I so unmistakeably challenged that ways of the Empress?
The food, the protection, the reassurance and comfort of
catching our fallen tears,Then...Then I ran. I ran from the only
bond who provides me with warmth. And I hid...I hid
to find some kind of cold embrace in the clouds of my own thoughts.
  And it was that icicle that I so unmistakably challenged
myself to ignore this self-inflected wound. Now it lays patched
with as little bondage as a band-aid. Yet I still play in the sandbox
of friendship the bond a bit weaker from its previous sate. We still
climb mountains and lay on the clouds. We dive into the oceans
and I'll pretend to find pleasure but I fear the dark
depths that once teetered our formation and
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 3 1
She Walks the Golden Path and I Walk the black Top
She Walks the Golden Path and I Walk the Black Top
So here I am and the worlds got me by the tips.
I don't know what to do anymore.
And she walks the golden path with minimal cracks. The one with
the lighted sky and angels at her side.
And with that same goal something good, great, anything better.
Yet I walk the black top with unleavened pavement. Lit with
florescent tattoo street signs and  the quick pulsing lamp post .
So with some respect I admire the flames. The burn marks and
battle scars. My knife the protector and a puff of cigarette my
guidance. And  I work just like her, for what? The short hope for a
spark. Although she is a believer and hasn't been torn by what
is not there. I see this and I feel sick of envy. Then I see
this and pity. Pity for the fact she will not walk the black top.
She will not flout in pride nor know the indignant rush.
And  now I know not to cry because I can't be her but to cry
because she can't be me.
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 3 1
Sitting Upon an Edge
Sitting Upon an Edge
  Sometimes I sit on the edge of the bridge of happiness.
I wounder if I am really happy, am I suppose to be here,
how did I get this far and still feel the same.
As the seconds skip by will it change?
  Sometimes I sit on the edge of the bridge of  happiness.
I look out to the landscape below,
think of the simple life in the river and
the energy of the ones that walk aside it.
I see the city that can change in a million ways
but to me will always stay the same.
   Sometimes I sit on the edge of the bridge oh happiness.
I dream that time would halt to let me get
all logic fixed.
That maybe people could reverse to when
we could walk alone through the fields.
  Sometimes I sit on the edge of the bridge of happiness.
I feel that emotions are schemes for the gods
to watch.
They set obstacles to observe insignificant manner
and smirk at us in our weakest state of being.
  Sometimes I  think its b
:iconphongo94xapa:Phongo94Xapa 3 3


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Hey Guys,
 so I know I don't really put up that much art but I am working on a pile of stuff to upload. My arts not that good but I will be working hard at it ,hopefully one day I can have some good work up like my friends and family do. also I'm going to try some new stuff like my buddy's digital tablet and maybe some sculpting stuffs i'm not sure yet. As far as poetry goes I haven't been writing it much because I have been trying to move it more in a positive direction but happy things are kind of hard for me to compress into a poem for now anyway. i will however be working on some song lyrics and children literature. so thats that.     
                 Thank you to everybody for watching and supporting me.
                                       I LOVE YOU ALL


United States
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